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we take pride in the quality and reliability of our cleaning service. With our team of trained professionals and top-notch equipment, we ensure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned. We offer customizable service packages to suit your specific needs, whether it's for residential or commercial spaces. Experience the difference with Hizmet Cleaning Services and enjoy a spotlessly clean environment that exceeds your expectations. Check out our services today and see the transformative power of a truly professional cleaning service.

Basic Cleaning

Our basic cleaning service is designed to provide a comprehensive and efficient clean for your home or office. Our professional cleaners will thoroughly dust, vacuum, and mop all surfaces, ensuring that every corner is left sparkling clean. We focus on cleaning common areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, paying attention to details like wiping countertops, sanitizing sinks, and removing cobwebs. With our basic cleaning service, you can expect a fresh and tidy space that will elevate your overall environment. Sit back and relax while we take care of the cleaning for you.

Services Include:

Grass cutting

Our grass cutting service is designed to keep your lawn looking pristine and well-maintained. Our team of professionals will meticulously trim your grass to the desired height, ensuring an even and uniform appearance. We use state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently cut the grass while minimizing any impact on the surrounding landscape. Additionally, we take care of edging along sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds to give your lawn a clean and polished look. With our grass cutting service, you can enjoy a lush and beautiful lawn that enhances the overall aesthetic of your property. Sit back and let us handle the work, while you enjoy the perfect green space.

Services Include

Move in/ Move out

Our specialized “Move In/Move Out” cleaning service is tailored to ensure a seamless transition, whether you’re moving into a new space or bidding farewell to your old one. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering a thorough and meticulous cleaning experience to leave your property spotless.

Our Move In/Move Out cleaning service encompasses four essential categories to address every nook and cranny:

Services Include:

After party Cleaning

Introducing our specialized “After Party Cleaning” service designed to take the stress out of your post-celebration cleanup. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to restoring your space to its pristine condition, allowing you to relish the memories without worrying about the mess.

Services Include:

after construction cleaning


we understand that the completion of a construction project marks a significant milestone, but it often leaves behind a substantial mess. Our specialized “After-Construction Cleaning” service is meticulously designed to transform your construction site into a clean and ready-to-use space. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to handling the post-construction cleanup with precision and efficiency, ensuring a smooth transition to the next phase.

Our After-Construction Cleaning service encompasses four essential categories to address every aspect of the cleanup process:

Services Include:

Window Cleaning

Sparkling windows can significantly enhance the overall appearance and ambiance of any space. Our specialized “Window Cleaning” service is designed to bring clarity and brightness to your surroundings. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering a streak-free and crystal-clear finish for your windows, ensuring a pristine view and allowing natural light to flood your space.

Our Window Cleaning service includes four essential categories, addressing every aspect of window care:

Services Include:


Our Grass Cutting service covers mowing and trimming, weed control, fertilization and soil care, as well as cleanup and debris removal, providing comprehensive lawn maintenance for a healthy and vibrant outdoor space.

Basic Cleaning addresses fundamental cleaning needs, including dusting and surface cleaning, floor care, kitchen and bathroom sanitization, and trash disposal, providing a foundational level of cleanliness for homes and offices.

The frequency depends on your specific needs, but it is commonly recommended during property transitions, such as moving in or moving out, to ensure a fresh and sanitized space.

Yes, our After Party Cleaning service is tailored for both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring a quick and efficient post-event cleanup for various occasions.

Yes, our Grass Cutting service can be scheduled for regular maintenance, with a customized plan that includes mowing, trimming, weed control, and other essential lawn care tasks.

Absolutely! We offer customizable cleaning packages, and additional services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or specific area focus can be added to your Basic Cleaning package based on your preferences.

Our Move In/Move Out cleaning service includes deep cleaning of all surfaces, kitchen cleaning, bathroom refresh, and thorough floor care to ensure a pristine and welcoming space.

After Party Cleaning is specifically tailored to address the aftermath of events, including party area cleanup, kitchen restoration, social space tidying, and bathroom revitalization, providing a quick and efficient post-celebration cleanup.

Our After-Construction Cleaning service covers debris removal, surface detailing, floor care and restoration, and final touches to ensure a clean and ready-to-use environment after construction or renovation projects.

Window Cleaning includes exterior and interior window washing, high-rise window cleaning for tall structures, and screen and track maintenance to ensure crystal-clear views and a bright, well-maintained environment.